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Everyday we read and learn some new Facebook Traffic Tips and some of its secret strategies. Here are few interesting facts that are just the tip of the ice burg.

Did you know that..

  1. If you post using emoticons your will receive a higher engagement rate.
    Inserting emoticons into your posts, will yield 57% more “Likes,” another 33% more shares, and 33% additional comments.
  2. Facebooks LOVES Videos!
    In fact, if your host it on FaceBook, (important) they prioritize them to make up 30% of a users home page feed! And..
  3. Videos plays on Facebook are increasing 758% each year!
    This is probably because of the autoplay feature that makes the video play (without sound) when you scroll over it. We love those and it increases Facebook user engagement, so huge reason why Facebook is including them in more of the feeds!
  4. You will get a 100% increase in comments with you post a question at the end of your POST rather then in the middle of your post.
    I guess a lot of us skim, so we read quick and go straight to the bottom. LOL But we love to give our opinion!
  5. Advertising CTRs (Click Through Rates) are increasing 160% each year.
    This is such a great source of targeted traffic that you really can’t over look it!
  6. Keep Your Post Short and get a 60% more engagement
    Get to the point. We are now getting trained by texts and tweets to want shorter messages.
  7. For Facebook, FRIDAY is the best day to advertise!
    Maybe it is because people are ready to start their weekends, but it is documented that users like, comment and use Facebook more on Friday afternoon then any other time!
  8. A Huge 93% of User Engagement is on Photos.
    And, you get 53% more likes on photo posts and 104% more comments and 84% more click- thrus!
    So make your photos personal, hi-res, and powerful, we LOVE THEM! 🙂
  9. That 77% of B2C (Business to Customers) businesses acquire new customers on Facebook.
    Facebook advertising is becoming an essential ingredient to business success.
  10. And 42% of Business Owners say FaceBook Advertising is CRITICAL to their Business.
    If you aren’t making it a priority in yours, then reconsider!

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

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