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How WordPress CMS Works – How to Make a Dynamic Website without Coding | Yogi’s Guide to Web Development | Ch0E6 | Hindi 2019

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What code does Dreamweaver use?

In addition to text-editing capabilities, Adobe Dreamweaver provides various features, such as code hints, to help you code in the following languages: HTML. PHP. CSS. General information about coding in Dreamweaver – Adobe Help Center

In previous video ( you learned that you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DBMS, SQL and PHP to make a dynamic website. It will take a lot of time and hard work to learn these programming languages.

What if I told you that there are several systems available that help you to build a dynamic website without coding. This means that you do not need to learn all these programming language to make a dynamic website. These systems are known as Content Management Systems of CMS.

If you learn a CMS you can make beautiful dynamic websites without writing a single line of code. Two such CMSs are WordPress and Drupal.

With the help of these CMSs you will be able to make e-commerce website, e-learning website, advertisement website, news website and much more.

WordPress is easy to learn while Drupal has a big learning curve. If you want to become a web developer you should learn to work on Drupal.

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How to Make a Dynamic Website without Coding | Yogi's Guide to Web Development | Ch0E6 | Hindi How WordPress CMS Works

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