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What Is WordPress CMS Platform – Selecting The Best CMS For Your Needs 2019

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What is an open source CMS?

The most well-known and widely used open source content management system (CMS) platforms are: Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. They are all based on PHP and MySQL and offer a wide range of options to users and developers alike. Which content management system is right for you?

One popular approach to building and managing websites among corporations and small businesses alike are content management systems (CMS), or software that provides tools for website authoring, collaboration and administration for users with little knowledge of programming languages. CMS’s can vary widely, but most provide the ability to quickly build websites, store content and other information in databases, and offer easy-to-use administration interfaces for less technical users. They provide a myriad of benefits over other methods of building websites, such as manually uploading files to a server or using a blogging platform (a simpler and more limited subset of CMS’s). CMS’s allow websites to feature dynamic content without the hassle of regularly updating files, offer customized design options, and provide a wider range of features (such as ecommerce or customer account areas).
ome of the most popular CMS options include WordPress Hosting, Joomla, and Drupal. All of these options are open source software that are free to download and use. Due to their open source nature and large user communities, each CMS will likely be continually improved over time and comes with an vast set of add-ons, plugins, and extensions. While any of these CMS’s are excellent choices, each offers something different to the prospective site builder. To help you make the choice that is best for you and your needs, we’ve detailed the primary benefits of each option below.

Most Popular CMS & Largest Support Community
Most Available Plugins & Themes
Easiest-to-Use Interface
Ideal for Any Size Website
Somewhat Limited Development Options
Free to Download is the most popular CMS in the market, and as such it comes with the largest developer and user community. This community of users provides an incredible level of support and the most extensive list of available plugins and themes. WordPress began as a blogging platform, but has transitioned into popular use as an easy-to-use and simple CMS. It still maintains a simple blogging platform,, as a separate entity for users who don’t want to find their own web host or worry about downloading the software. is much more limited with the types of website you can build, however, which explains why is the more popular option for businesses. Of the three CMS’s in this blog post, requires the least amount of technical know-how to operate. While setting up a website through WordPress is intuitive and easy, it still provides developers with the ability to add or edit back-end code to create customized looks.

It’s worth noting that WordPress does come with limitations. If a website grows too large too quickly, it can require significant server resources to maintain. In addition, while WordPress has a powerful and easy-to-use interface, editing of its core framework often takes skilled developers, and is not generally recommended. Edits made to the WordPress core could prevent you from updating your site with the latest WordPress upgrade, making your site more vulnerable to attacks. In the end, WordPress is ideal for websites or blogs of all sizes, and the many add-ons make it easy to expand a website’s functionality as it grows – to a point. Websites that expect to quickly grow in traffic or complexity might find the WordPress framework somewhat limiting. Despite that barrier, some of WordPress’ more notable clients include large corporations like UPS, CNN, and Spotify. WordPress is free to download and offers many premium add-ons available for a fee.

Selecting The Best CMS For Your Needs What Is WordPress CMS Platform

WordPress Hosting with Google

Any patches or version upgrades released by WordPress are automatically installed for your packages, not only making your sites future-proof but also more secure.

Get the best-performing WordPress sites with our Cloud Hosting. With cache and CDN auto-configured on all your packages, pages load much faster with the least amount of resources.

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Add features to your websites by installing plugins in a few clicks.

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Automatic Failover
If we detect a hardware issue, we automatically move your site to another server, ensuring that your site is always up and you never lose traffic.

WordPress Accelarated Hosting FAQs

Can I upgrade my WordPress Hosting plan?

No, You cannot change upgrade or downgrade plans, however the amount of RAM and CPU cores for your plan can be upgraded.

Is there a money back period for WordPress Hosting?

No, WordPress Hosting does not have a money back period.

Is an SSL Certificate included with the plan?

No, currently an SSL Certificate is not included with the plan. You will have to purchase the certificate separately.

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