Read How WordPress CMS Works and install via tablet Wagtail Headless CMS Workshop (with Vue.js)

How WordPress CMS Works – Wagtail Headless CMS Workshop (with Vue.js) 2019

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Is Shopify a CMS?

Any eCommerce platform that allows you to add and manage content can be considered a CMS, which is precisely what CMS Shopify does. CMS Shopify is a hosted CMS service that offers everything you need when it comes to selling online.  Quora

All code is available at
Wagtail for Beginners Course:

Learn how to create a Headless Wagtail CMS website and have Vue.js consume data from the API.

In this workshop we will:
– Create a new Wagtail website
– Create a custom Wagtail Page
– Enable the v2 API
– Explore Vue.js, Vue Components, Vue Routing, and Axios
– Consume API data with Vue.js
– Work with a custom Image Rendition serializer
– Serialize StreamFields
– Install and enable headless preview

All code is available at

Extra resources:
Other Headless Tutorials:
Headless Preview:
Vue Cheat Sheet:
Vue Mastery:

Big thank you to Torchbox and Tom Dyson for all the work you’ve put into making this workshop possible, and a reality.

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Wagtail Headless CMS Workshop (with Vue.js) How WordPress CMS Works

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